SHEQ Policy

Konkola Copper Mines plc aims to be a world-leading producer and supplier of Copper and the by-products; Cobalt alloy and Sulphuric acid, and intermediate products: concentrates of Copper, Cobalt, Pyrite and Copper anodes of quality, to meet the contractual requirements of all customers in every respect and to restore and sustain profitability in the operations.

It also aims to maintain a system that complies with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 – Quality Management System and to continually improve the effectiveness by regular reviews of the systems Konkola Copper Mines plc will uphold the values of good corporate citizenship and seek to contribute to the wider economic, social and environmental well being of Zambia.

Aims and Objectives

In order to give practical expression to the Vision of the company and to measure its progress, the company has the following aims and objectives:



Occupational Health






Management commitments

Senior Executives, line management and all employees are accountable for Safety, Occupational health, Environmental and Quality issues.


Management shall allocate adequate financial and human resources to ensure that these issues are dealt with in a manner that reflect their high priority.


Management will ensure that the work force has the appropriate skills, competence and safety knowledge to undertake their duties in a responsible and safe manner.

Risk Assessment

Management shall ensure identification, assessment and prioritisation of the hazards and risks associated with all operational activities on a continuous basis as well as when a major incident or a change occurs.

Aspect and Impact Assessment

Management shall ensure identification, assessment and prioritisation of aspects and impacts associated with all operational activities on a continuous basis.

Statutory and regulatory requirements

Management shall ensure that the organisation meets all applicable laws and regulations as a minimum and where appropriate, apply international best practice


Management shall ensure that reviews are conducted to assess the effectiveness of performance against company standards, objectives, targets and applicable legal requirements.

Stakeholder Engagement

Promote and maintain open constructive dialogue and good working relations with employees, local communities, regulatory agencies, business organizations and other affected and interested parties.

Continual Improvement

Management will identify and implement continous improvement strategies in safety, health, environment and quality.

Medical and Occupational Health Services

Management shall ensure provision of free health care benefits for all employees and their dependants at the company`s hospitals. It will also provide medical services to surrounding communities on a marginal cost recovery basis.

Communication and Reviews

Management will ensure this policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and other stakeholders and be reviewed annually to reflect our commitment to high standards of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.

Releted Contents
Safety Management Systems RAMP

The objective of the Safety Management System is to eliminate fatalities and Lost Time Injuries.

Occupational Health

Konkola Copper Mines plc aims to be a world leading copper and cobalt producer. It is our objective to provide attractive