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What We Offer

KCM offers excellent career opportunities across the different business units with the opportunity for employees to make a difference in their respective fields. We seek a broad range of skills to drive our business and together transform challenges into opportunities.

As part of KCM’s strategy to meet the company’s current and future skills requirements, we significantly invest in employee education and skills development programmes. We also provide no-interest loans for educational purposes to our employees, their spouses and children.

KCM is committed to developing local skills and talent and the majority of our employees are Zambian nationals. A critical component of our ability to operate successfully is the need to train and retain Zambian skills, through the local employee development programme. The percentage of expatriate staff members is at 1%, which is one of the lowest proportions in the Zambian mining industry.

We operate in a dynamic environment that requires our employees to have advanced technical skills and knowledge. We have ongoing programmes aimed at ensuring our talent is trained and skilled adequately for the environment we operate in.

Scholarships and Staff Development Programmes

KCM has a longstanding tradition of offering scholarships and further professional development opportunities to KCM employees, including:

KCM’s employee education and skills development initiatives include:

Graduate Development Programme (GDP)
As a leading mining company, we understand the importance of developing high potential graduates into future leaders. The GDP is a comprehensive two year rotational programme designed to mold young talented and highly motivated graduates into well-rounded professionals through rotational assignments, rigorous assessments, presentations and panel reviews.

The programme aims to take graduates coming from a university environment and shape them into viable candidates who can operate in a business and industry oriented environment. Most of the training occurs on the job across the KCM business units with substantial technical training and managerial skills development.

The programme is a stepping stone for graduates entering KCM to build a long successful career within the company.

Apprentice Programmes
Ongoing learning and advancement is supported through apprentice training which is offered at Kitwe Trades School, a company-owned school and one of Africa’s largest private vocational training schools. The school offers several technical and management courses.

A recent US$ 2.6 million investment in the Kitwe Trades School has ensured an upgrade of the curriculum and facilities to increase enrolment to over 200 students per year.

Kitwe Trades School offers an extensive range of skills programs including:

Employees Speak
Gilbert Ngosa Gilbert Ngosa Electrical Trainee at Kitwe Trades School
The training has been very beneficial to me as an individual because I have been equipped with the knowledge and skills I will use for the rest of my life. The acquired knowledge and skills shall also benefit KCM, and ultimately the nation as a whole.


Margaret Nzima Kalebuka Margaret Nzima Kalebuka Plant Metallurgist at the Nkana smelter and refinery
At KCM I have had the chance to develop professionally through training and knowledge sharing, and have gained global leadership skills and experience through secondment in India to one of the companies in the Vedanta Group.


Precious Mwamulima Precious Mwamulima Management Trainee on KCM’s world class Graduate Development Programme
The programme offers a unique, unparalleled learning experience and each rotation serves as a platform to build upon skills, acquire new ones, and advance my career.