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CEO highlights significant production improvements

July 7, 2017

The CEO Steven Din has applauded employee efforts to raise production at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in the Financial Year 2018.

Mr. Din spared some time on Thursday evening, 6 July 2017, to meet staff at the Konkola Directors Lodge, and lauded employees across KCM for striving to achieve the set production targets in June.

He further commended the team spirit shown by the workforce in chasing the production targets and called for greater unity in order to achieve the readjusted team targets for July.

Mr. Din remarked that the workforce should not rest on their laurels because KCM still had plenty of work to do so as to completely turn around the production trajectory. The CEO especially called on the workforce at Konkola to step up efforts at the operation, which he described as the “future of the company.”

“When it comes to production, we are certainly in a better place now than we were a few months ago. However, we are not safely where we need to be as a company, and it will take even greater efforts from all of us to get to a point of full profitability,” he said.

KCM Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Munroe echoed the CEO’s sentiments as he urged employees to fulfill their potential in taking KCM to the highest levels of achievement.

KCM has committed to raising production in the FY 2018 following significant milestones for the company and a pledge of $1 billion additional financial investment by Vedanta Resources Chairman, Anil Agarwal, and the resumption of Nchanga Underground (NUG) Mine operations, which was placed on managed care and maintenance in 2015.

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