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Chairman to Women: ‘Take a lead role in steering Vedanta’s growth’

March 9, 2019

Group Chairman Anil Agarwal has implored women to take a leading role in the growth of the diversified resources Group because of their great intuition on detail.

“My personal experience is that when women work around in any of the industry, the productivity is better, the house keeping is better and our presentation to the world is at a very different level,” Mr Agarwal said in a message to mark the recent global celebrations for women.

He spoke highly about the achievements of women in Vedanta Resources Plc and within his family circles saying, “the pleasure, affection and inspiration I get from them is great.” Women have delivered excellent results whenever entrusted with projects and the restructuring of Vedanta.

“My message to all women working in the company is ‘please take a lead role.’ I am with you to show the world how you people can deliver,” outlining major achievements by women among others as being in human resources at Vedanta, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes at Tuticorin and the Vedanta Zinc International mine in South Africa.

“Vedanta is a very special company meant for the community and for the people. We must show the world how Vedanta is taking a lead to empower women by giving women positions of decision-making,” he said.

The Chairman urged men to respect and encourage women in the organization.

In a separate message, Group Chief Executive Officer Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan said women were making a major contribution in ‘creating a successful present and future for Vedanta.’

“While their work may not always make the front pages, their individual stories represent the positive impact empowered women can make anywhere. We are proud to say that we are already above industry average when it comes to gender diversity and we are aiming to triple the representation of women to 30% in our workforce over the next two years,” Mr Venkatakrishnan said.

 The Group CEO said that, “women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. When we empower a woman, we elevate her community, a ripple effect occurs when we invest in their potential.”

 “Intellectually, mentally, and spiritually, women are at par with men and can participate in every activity, which is evident from the invaluable contributions of our female colleagues in every field. We must work towards and ensure that they have an equal seat at the table in decision-making processes that shape important investments, policies and decisions; from individual committees to group level processes, from community service to core business verticals,” Mr Venkatakrishnan added. 

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