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Company-wide wellness programme is kicks off

April 20, 2017

Employee wellness is one of KCM’s priorities for business growth and the company encourages its work force to constantly keep fit through exercises and ball games.

The company’s wellness programme for the Financial Year 2018 is currently underway after over 300 employees and contractor workers took part in the “Nchingilile Ubumi” wellness programme at Watson Stadium in Chingola recently with the aim of getting fit and healthy. “Nchingilile Ubumi” is a term in one of the local languages which refers to taking care of one’s health.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steven Din and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Sharad Gargiya were part of the team that participated in rigorous exercises and an aerobics session.

KCM medical personnel were also on hand to provide healthcare check-ups for blood pressure and blood sugar to participants and members of the community.

“The idea of the wellness programme is all about having fun, getting fit and learning how to keep ourselves healthy,” Mr Din told employees during the keep fit session.

‘Nchingilile Ubumi’ is a KCM initiative to promote physical activity among employees and ensure better physical and mental health. It will involve regular sports competitions among employees as well as periodic medical screening. By regularly engaging in exercises, employees decrease their chances of suffering illnesses caused by lack of exercises.

A mechanical fitter at the Nchanga Underground mine, Elalious Chileshe, was a guest speaker at the event and shared his heartwarming story of how he donated one of his kidneys to his ailing wife to save her life. He urged his fellow employees to take care of their health.

The fitness session was characterized with a highly competitive tug-of-war featuring various teams within Konkola Copper Mines.

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