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Governance, Risk and Compliance Column!

March 15, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to introduce to you our first article on KCM’s commitment to a culture of compliance and governance. In this column, we will look at various aspects around this subject which are critical to the growth of thee business.

We have embarked on a programme of ‘Zero Tolerance to Non-Compliance and our  participation in this undertaking is critical. The company is required to be fully compliant with all company policies, procedures, technical specifications, regulations, general guidelines and the country’s laws.

Every one of us need to exercise responsibility and accountability in discharging our roles and responsibilities to ensure the growth and success of KCM. Compliance is not a requirement for only senior management, it is everyone’s responsibility.

There is need to strengthen our internal control environment in KCM. Every single person has a role to play a as we seek to achieve the company objectives. Being compliant has to first be a personal resolution, and then a collective corporate way of doing business. I wish to encourage all of you to join  hands in ensuring100 percent  compliance to our rules, guidelines, regulations and legal obligations.

Good attributes to compliance start with being punctual on duty and good time management. It requires upholding safety standards, using company assets and resources in a prudent manner. It must then extend to softer issues of our value system of being ethical in our conduct. We need to exhibit integrity – a culture of honesty in both private and business lives. We need to embrace this as a value system and not just a norm.

Compliance and ethical conduct eventually builds integrity which then leads to a robust business culture. The growth of our society, families and the company cannot be detached from a strong value system, underpinned on compliance to statutory requirements and company procedures and policies.

In our next discussion, I will share with you a synopsis of KCM’s compliance programme which will focus on the realisation of a stronger business environment that guarantees the survival of this organisation. I urge you to be compliant!

Sharad Gargiya

Chief Financial Officer

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