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KCM delivers education to adult students

August 20, 2014

A 77-year old woman is among more than 500 people that have enrolled for the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) financed literacy and numeracy lessons in Chililabombwe.
KCM has partnered with Zambia’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to offer literacy classes and community sensitisation on emergency preparedness at the local level at 10 centres, which were established by the District Education Board in July 2014

Chililabombwe District Commissioner Stuart Chitumbo officially launched the programme dubbed the “Golden Jubilee Celebration Literacy and Community Safety Awareness,”

“I’m particularly pleased that KCM has partnered with the ministry of education to provide a literacy programme as people will not only learn to read and do simple calculations, but will be enlightened on safety issues,” Mr Chitumbo said.

Theresa Chisunka, a 59 year-old beneficiary of the programme said she never had a chance to go to school as a child because she was married off at a tender age.

“I always wanted to read the Bible on my own. Every time I went to church, people would read their Bibles and sing hymns from the books, while I would just keep quiet because I could not read the words. That used to cause me a lot of pain,” Ms Chisunka said.

Oliya Mwandambwa 51, a cross boarder trader said she was happy that she could now understand and speak some English words following the introduction of the lessons.

“At one time I went to Kariba and met a customer from Zimbabwe. She spoke to me in English but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I just looked at her and nodded,” Mrs Mwandama said.

“All the while I was thinking, God the educated people must be lucky. I thank KCM for this programme. Please continue educating us until we are able to confidently speak and write in English. Most of us have made losses in business because we did not know how to calculate. Now that will be a thing of the past.”

The learners are expected to complete the first phase of their lessons being provided by qualified teachers from government-run schools in October this year.

KCM General Manager Sustainability Howard Chilundika said in a speech read for him by Group Safety Health and Environment Manager Felix Sikaonga that KCM took safety as everyone’s responsibility.

Mr Chilundika said KCM officials would be delivering lessons on safety issues such as dealing with fires and emergencies in homes and business places to the students.

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