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KCM introduces bold ‘Chachilamo’ safety initiative

November 17, 2014

Chililabombwe, 13th November, 2014 – Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Plc has launched an initiative to enhance the company’s safety. The “Chachilamo” initiative, which means ‘enough is enough,’ aims to entrench a culture of safety awareness and to introduce practical safety standards to the company’s more than 16,500 employees.

KCM CEO, Steven Din, who will spearhead the Chachilamo Initiative, said at the launch,

“I have often said that our people are the most important asset. So we need to take pride in protecting our best asset and ensuring that each and every day all of our employees and subcontractors return home to their families unharmed and uninjured. Safety is the responsibility of everyone who enters the gate at KCM. The Chachilamo Initiative is both a reminder of the importance of safety and a practical initiative to ensure that we can all feel safe at work.’’

As part of the Chachilamo initiative, every meeting among KCM personnel will start with a ‘Safety Share’ or a discussion on safety.

The Chief Inspector for Machinery at the Mine Safety Department (MSD), Bright Kateka, explained the basis of the programme, stating that “the Chachilamo initiative intends to create a level of awareness among all supervisors and workers to make sure they don’t accept or overlook unsafe conditions, let alone be involved in unsafe acts in the workplace.”

Chachilamo will employ a variety of methods to engage company employees, including mentoring, coaching and competitions. The first competition will see employees compete to design a befitting logo for the initiative with a cash prize for the winner.

Mr Kateka stressed the consequences of unsafe working practices, saying “Our highest priority is to ensure that our employees return home safely. The personal impact of workplace injuries can be devastating for families. We also know that a safe work place is a productive and profitable work place. Therefore, safety has an important role in national economic development.”

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