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New Equipment Signals Investment in Konkola Mine’s Future

February 10, 2015

CHILILABOMBWE, 9thFebruary, 2015 – Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) today commissioned new underground mining equipment intended to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

The new equipment, sourced from the Swedish mining equipment supplier Normet, will be used to provide a safe work platform for installation works in tunnels, roof reinforcement works, explosive charging and installation of cables, pipes and ventilation equipment and for transportation of personnel and materials. The equipment also includes a hydraulic crane with a huge lifting capacity to ease loading and unloading of heavy materials. The other pieces will be used for transporting fuel and refueling vehicles, changing hydraulic and engine oils, and as concrete mixing during civil works.

Commenting on the launch of the equipment, Konkola Copper Mines Chief Executive Officer Steven Din said, “The equipment which has been commissioned today is impressive and is going to make Konkola Mine more viable. It will increase the production volumes of the mine. I would like to urge all employees to look after this equipment and guard it jealously”

Chililabombwe District Commissioner Stuart Chitumbo said during the launch that the purchase of new equipment was a clear testimony of KCM’s plans to sustain mining well into the future.

Mr Chitumbo commented that, “The purchase of new equipment guarantees continuity and reinforces Konkola Copper Mines’ 50-year vision. I am glad that KCM is making the transition from conventional to mechanised mining, which is currently global best practice as it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in mining.”

He continued, “I know that Konkola mine is the future of KCM and hence the future of Chililabombwe as our small town entirely depends on mining for the majority of its economic activities.”

In the current financial year (2014/15), KCM has spent nearly US$25 million on procurement of mining equipment in a bid to improve the company’s operations, despite a challenging business environment.

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