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The Lloyds: A family of proud KCM employees

November 22, 2017

It is rare for three generations of a family to serve a single organisation, but the Lloyds have glued to Konkola Copper Mines, in the process turning a relationship that could be likened to copper concentrate to one as solid as copper cathodes.

In the words of KCM Chairman Tom Albanese during the KCM Zambia Day in October, “mining business has sustained families for multiple generations and will still continue sustaining families for more generations to come by keeping people safe and satisfied.”

For the Lloyds, the Chairman’s words are accurate. Currently eight members of the Lloyds family work for KCM while a total of 13 family members have worked in the organization since the family’s patriarch, the late William Lloyd, first walked through the gates of KCM in 1953 to work for Roan Consolidated Copper Mines in Kitwe before he later moved to Chililabombwe in 1957 under the same company.

“Faith and strong confidence has kept us in the unshaken disposition to work for Konkola Copper Mines, and for the family, it is a company like no other,” said Godfrey Lloyd, the number six child in the family.

The family, which has produced nurses, mineralogist, civil engineers, winding engine driver, physiotherapists and secretaries for KCM, believes that it is a great achievement for them to work for KCM. The company has provided unfettered security for the entire family.

“We are a hardworking family and seeing another Lloyd work for KCM inspires the family so much,” said Victoria Lloyd, a retired Nurse from the KCM Medical department.

“KCM is like home, it is the source of income to our family. It is a foundation that every family member must build on and we will love to see the fourth generation of the Lloyds work for KCM.”

The company’s sustainability model, including a robust CSR programme, in the areas such as education and health, has been a major attraction for the Lloyds family and in turn created a strong belief that KCM is a company like no other.

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