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Zambian adult learners enroll for their first examinations

June 11, 2015

More than 100 adult learners will sit for their first ever examinations after enrolling to write primary education examinations, courtesy of an adult literacy programme funded by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

The Adult Literacy programme in the town of Chililabombwe has attracted 800 learners who are 35-65 years. The lessons were introduced as part of Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary celebrations in October, 2014. The government is providing qualified teachers for this adult literacy programme.

The initial plan was to provide basic reading and writing skills to adults, who never attended formal education. However, over 100 people will in 2015 sit for Grade 7, or first level primary school examinations, and be integrated in high school streams at Grade 8 after passing these examinations.

Adult Literacy Coordinator for Chililabombwe Gertrude Mulonga said there was overwhelming response from the community as many people begin to appreciate the importance and benefits of adult literacy.

Ms Mulonga said: “some mothers are coming along with their children, who are not performing well in regular schools, to the adult literacy classes so that they can improve their reading and writing skills.

“We appreciate KCM for providing teaching aids and tents for offices in the peri-urban areas.”

Christina Chishala, a 63 year old market trader at Mine Market in Chililabombwe was enthusiastic about the benefits she is reaping in her business after learning how to read and write.

“Since I started the lessons last year, I have learned so much that my business has improved because I now give the correct change to customers. I have gained a lot of knowledge and have enrolled to write my grade seven examinations this year,” Ms Chishala said.

Anna Chola, 56, another market trader said she was encouraged to join the classes after watching a foreign movie in which adults were conversing in English.

KCM Community Relations Manager Brian Siatubi said the programme had exceeded initial expactations.

“It is good that the Ministry of Education has allowed the learners to sit for grade seven exams. There is a glimmer of hope for those who never had a chance to attain this level of education.” Mr Siatubi said.

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